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Thursday, June 14, 2007

free103point9 Online Radio June 2007 Top 40

1. Mike Tamburo, Language of the Birds and Other Fantasies box set (New American Folk Hero)
2. Ting Ting Jahe, 18(16) (Winds Measure Recordings)
3. Jeff Arnal + Dietcich Eichmann, LP (Broken Research)
4. Chris Forsyth + Nate Wooley, The Duchess of Oysterville (Creative Sources Recordings)
5. William Parker + Hamid Drake, Summer Snow (Aum Fidelity)
6. David S. Ware Quartet, Renunciation (Aum Fidelity)
7. Uncle Woody Sullender + Greg Davis, The Tempest is Over (Dead CEO)
8. Joseph Nechvatal, Viral Symph0ny (iea)
With Matthew Underwood, Andrew Deutsch, and Stephane Sikora.
9. Jonas Braasch, Global Reflections (Deep Listening)
10. Seejayno, Sedainty (Shinkoyo/Here See/Skulls of Heaven/
11. Andy Graydon, At Bay (Winds Measure Recordings)
12. Tripwire, Looking in My Ear (Creative Sources)
13. William Parker + Hamid Drake, First Communion/Piercing the Veil 2xCD (Aum Fidelity)
14. Annea Lockwood, Thousand Year Dreaming/Floating World (Pogus)
15. Droopy Septum, Howling Lands, Whispering Leaves (NAFH)
16. The Spiritualaires of Hurtsboro, Alabama, Singing Songs of Praise (CaseQuarter)
17. The Dust Dive Flash, Tens of Thousands (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 029)
18. Albrecht Maurer + Norbert Rodenkirchen, Hidden Fresco (Nemu)
19. (), "Autecicadas/ocean_db_crash_nue" 7" (
20. Ignaz Schick + Jorg Maria Zeger + Burkhard Beins with Keith Rowe and with Charlwmagne Palestine, Perlonex Tensions (Nexsound)
21. Eliane Radigue, Jetsun Mila (Lovely Music)
22. Various artists, Selections from Peter Stuyvesant's Ghost (free103point9)
With Michelle Nagai, Edmund Mooney, Andrea Polli, Mike Hallenbeck, Ryan Holsopple, Renee Ridgway, Jonathan Zalben, Hanneke de Feijter, Saskia Janssen, Kaisu Koski, and others.
23. USA Is A Monster + Mudboy/USA Is A Monster + Kites, split CD (self)
24. Mike Tamburo + Ken Camden, Menken and Maas (NAFH)
25. Bob Lukomski + Hajji Majer + Thomas Lail, In the Motherheart of God the Father (Homestijl)
26. The Cutest Puppy in the World, Apotrope (NAFH)
27. Destructo Swarmbots, Clear Light (Public Guilt)
28. Andy Futreal, like twilight bleeding 3" CD (NAFH)
29. Mudboy, LP Bootleg(
30. Eric Carbonara, Seven Pieces for Solo Guitar (Nada Sound Studio)
31. Edmund Mooney, Happy Trails (self)
32. Harm Stryker, Harm Stryker 3" CDr (Public Guilt)
33. Matt Weston, Resistance Cruisers 3" CD (7272 Music)
34. Parts & Labor, Escapers One (Broklyn Beats)
35. Yesterday in Parliament, Ritual Foxy: Tip it Up (Fenland Hi-Brow)
36. J. Crouse, guitar readouts (self)
37. Mouthus, For the Great Slave Lakes (Threelobed)
38. Robert Horton, Sleep, Wake, Hope and Then (NAFH)
39. MPLD, Lapse Phaser (self)
40. Lawrence Blatt, Out of the Woodwork (LMB)

free103point9 Online Radio is available around the clock. Programming includes live feeds from the free103point9 Project Space in Brooklyn, the free103point9 Wave Farm in upstate New York, and from performances and events from all over the world. The radio station plays many different styles, especially transmission works, but also field recordings, dub, turntablism, avant folk, free jazz, noise, generative sound, and other fringe styles. Many special live shows feature organizations such as the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology, Squidco, Screw Music Forever, and others. Tune in at

We play transmission works, plus other experimental sounds. Send submissions for airplay to free103point9, 5662 Route 23, Acra, NY 12405. (Do not e-mail mp3s, or links to mp3s, it will be a waste of your time. Mailed submissions will be considered.)

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