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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

OPEN CALL: Cell phone picture art show

Camera phones have only become widespread over the past few years, however in that brief time they have become indispensable. Their portable nature and attachment to a never-leave- home-without device has promoted the easy and quick capture of everyday life the moment it occurs. Amateur photographers armed with their cell phones have
already become an important resource for the media, providing first-look on-the-scene instant documentation.

Upstate Artist Guild celebrates the ability for instant unexpected art, capturing the candid moment, through the use of cell phone cameras. We invite artists to present in our unique online gallery, as part of our first international show, titled "Send." Submissions will be accepted throughout the month of June, 2007, and posted to the online gallery, where they will remain as a permanent exhibition.

1. Send your photo, using your phone or email, to send@upstateartists
2. In the text portion of your message be sure to include your full name, the title of your photo, and your city and country. If necessary, you may submit this information separately via email, including your phone number for reference to the photo portion of the submission. Submissions without this information will be deleted.
3. Submissions will be accepted through the end of June 2007.
4. Only photos taken using a cell phone camera will be accepted.
5. The UAG is not responsible for any fees incurred through your cell provider.
6. The UAG reserves the right to withhold images it deems inappropriate for general viewing.
7. No copyrighted content shall be submitted as part of the exhibit.
8. The photo must be the work of the artist submitting the piece.
9. The UAG shall not in any way be responsible for violations of the guidelines mentioned above.
10. The UAG reserves the right to use submitted works for marketing purposes.

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