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Friday, May 29, 2009

Chris Brookes on the need (or not) for narration

Chris Brookes Skyped in his workshop, "Oh, Shut Up! Who needs a narrator anyway?" Chris Brookes' radio features have have been broadcast around the world. He has directed and produced documentaries for Canadian network television, is a published author and playwright, and has taught radio storytelling at festivals and workshops across North America and Europe. Brookes, and the group, seemed to think that there always is a narrator (even when it is not the voice of God), and that the narrator should stand out of the way of the "action" as much as possible. He battled some Skype skipping, but was an engaging, uh, narrator. "Author" might be a better term, one audience member said. And the amount of narration depends on the context, whether it is a news report, or an artistic work.

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At Jun 2, 2009, 4:47:00 AM , Anonymous etienne said...

Definitely, is story-telling an American thing? Do you enjoy the absolute need to persuade, to convince, to rally, to win over, thinking that people need to be taken by the hand, more than they can make their own paths into the work of art or their own opinion when listening to the news?

By the way, are the RWB conferences archived somewhere on the web?


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