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Friday, November 14, 2008

MQ2 taps 30

Sending on behalf of Ingrid Lakey, MQ2 Talent Manager:

The finalists have been chosen to submit proposals for MQ2 – 30 exciting media makers from across a broad spectrum of craft and geography chosen by the MQ2 Talent Committee. They’ve been invited to propose how they’ll help excite public radio, and lead the industry and listeners through the shift to new platforms. They have until December 1 to give it their best shot. Final decisions will be announced in early March.

MQ2 was thrilled to receive an incredible array of nominations from 7 countries and virtually every region of the U.S. We were aiming for a mix from inside and outside the industry. Our first pass at the data we have shows 25% of the nominations came from public radio networks/shows or production houses, 30% of the nominations came from radio and TV stations, and 45% came from a far-ranging group of independent producers and those outside of public media. Nominees include straight ahead public radio journalists, serial entertainment producers, sound installationists, bit-heads, record producers, composers, and one big surprise was a nomination from musician Billy Bragg, of Dorset, Scotland.

Our selected makers are (drum roll please):

Jenny Asarnow, Rose Bianchini, Philip Blackburn, Jacob Brancasi, Kabir Carter, Julie Drizin, Alex Gallafent, Tim Halbur, Anyi Howell, Scotty Iseri, Josh Jackson, Anita Johnson, Tania Ketenjian, Queena Kim, Thomas Lopez, Pejk Malinovski, Kenny Malone, Paul McCarthy, Brendan Newnam, Kara Oehler, Lu Olkowski, Dmae Roberts, Ben Rubin, Shea Shackelford, Laura Starecheski, Nick van der Kolk, Gregory Warner, Veralyn Williams, Trent Wolbe, and Jamie York.

You’ll find information about the project, including a link to the press release, at

Join us in congratulating this fine group, and egging them on to great imaginings…

The MQ2 Team

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