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Thursday, January 24, 2008

free103point9 Online Radio Top 40 for January 2008

free103point9 Online Radio Top 40 for January 2008

1. Latitude/Longitude, "Solar Filters/Mother Evening" 7" (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 031)
2. Radio Ruido, "False Rosetta" 2x7" (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 032)
3. Pauline Oliveros + Miya Masaoka, Koto Accordion (Deep Listening)
4. Jeff Arnal + Dietrich Eichmann, LP (Broken Research)
5. Willing, Brotherhood of the Backwards Handshake (Evolving Ear)
6. David S. Ware Quartet, Renunciation (Aum Fidelity)
7. Mike Wexler, Sun Wheel (Amish)
8. Charalambides, Likeness (Kranky)
9. William Basinski, shortwavemusic (Musex International)
10. Stars Like Fleas, The Ken Burns Effect (Talitres)
11. The SB LP, (Qbico 54)
12. Theo Angell, Dearly Beloved (Amish)
13. Annea Lockwood, Thousand Year Dreaming/Floating World (Pogus)
14. Duane Pitre/Pilotram Ensemble, Organized Pitches Ocurring in Time (Important)
15. Walter & Sabrina, We Sing for the Future (Danny Dark Records)
16. Todd Merrell + Aidan Baker + Patrick Jordan, Nagual (ArchivedCD 41)
17. The Peeesseye, Mayhem in the Mansion (Evolving Ear)
18. Scott Smallwood, Electrotherapy (Deep Listening)
19. David Watson, Fingering an Idea (XI Records)
20. Tom Heasley + Toss Panos, Passages (Full Bleed Music)
21. Scott Smallwood, Desert Winds: Six Windblown Sound Pieces and Other Works (Deep Listening)
22. Bruce Eisenbeil Sextet, Inner Constellation (Nemu)
Bruce Eisenbeil + Jean Cook + Nate Wooley + Aaron Ali Shaikh + Tom Abbs + Nasheet Waits.
23. Robert Ashley, Now Eleanor's Idea (Lovely Music)
24. Manpack, Sticky Wic (digitalis)
25. William Parker + Hamid Drake, First Communion/Piercing the Veil 2xCD (Aum Fidelity)
26. Tatsuya Nakatani, Primal Communication (H&H)
27. Cloudland Canyons, Silver Tongued Sisyphus (Kranky)
28. White Rainbow, Prism of Eternal Now (Kranky)
29. Phantom Limb & Bison, Phantom Limb & Bison (Evolving Ear)
30. Fond of Tigers, Release the Saviours (Drip Audio)
31. Timeless Pulse Quintet, Timeless Pulse Quintet (Mutable)
32. Temperatures, Ymir (Heat Retention) LP
33. Basalt Fingers, Basalt Fingers (Three Lobed Recordings)
Ben Chasny, Elisa Ambrogio, and Brian Sullivan.
34. butcher/muller/van der schyff, way out northwest (Drip Audio)
35. Tony Wilson 6tet, Pearls Before Swine (Drip Audio)
36. Wilson/Lee/Bentley, Escondido Dreams (Drip Audio)
37. Illuminea, Out of Our Mouths (High Two)
38. Ting Ting Jahe, 18(16) (Winds Measure Recordings)
39. Garrett Phelan, Black Brain Radio (Ninepoint)
40. Mammal, Lonesome Drifter (Animal Disguise)

To submit CDs, LPs, CSs, etc. for consideration of airplay on free103point9 Online Radio, mail to:
5622 Route 23
Acra, NY 12405

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