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Monday, September 03, 2007

OPEN CALL: Early Development Artist Residency Program at Three-Legged Dog

This program is predominantly for groups with budgets of between 5K and 25K. Applications are rolling. The selection cycle for Fall of 2008 ends on October 1, 2007. The selection cycle for Winter/Spring 2009 ends on January 1 2008. 3-4 artists will be chosen per season. The 3/4 artists are selected one year in advance of their season and spend the year as a cohort meeting regularly to discuss both their artistic and business challenges and successes. Residents are required at some point in their residency to open their studio to the public.

Each resident group that comes in to 3LD is expected to pitch in financially to the continuance of the facility. All artists pay a licensing fee extrapolated from a sliding scale dependent on a two-year financial history. This is a collective approach to ensuring that space and equipment can continue to be available to artists who need it. Studio C artists will be given residencies between 4 and 6 weeks @ $700 per week. 3LD will not fundraise for resident artists, however 3LD will work with them to devise a schedule and strategy based on each groups particular history and goals that if followed should result in organizational and financial growth. Any income earned by the artists while they are in their studio, the artists keep. Each group will manage their own box office through our account at TheaterMania, and will retain all earnings from any public showings. At the time of signing the license artists must pay 2 weeks worth of the fee. The day of load-in artists must provide a security deposit in the amount of one weeks fee. Please send any inquires and applications to:
Ms. Morgan von Prelle Pecelli
Artistic and Development Director, Emerging Artists
3-Legged Dog Art and Media Center
80 Greenwich Street, NYC
t. 212.645.0374
m. 917.723.9642

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