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Thursday, February 08, 2007

free103point9 Online Radio February 2007 Top 40

free103point9 Online Radio
February 2007 Top 40

1. The Dust Dive Flash, Tens of Thousands (free103point9 Audio Dispatch 029)
2. Parts & Labor, Escapers One (Broklyn Beats)
3. (), "Autecicadas/ocean_db_crash_nue" 7" (
4. Ignaz Schick + Jorg Maria Zeger + Burkhard Beins with Keith Rowe and with Charlwmagne Palestine, Perlonex Tensions (Nexsound)
5. Eloe Omoe, marauders (Animal Disguise)
6. Mouthus, For the Great Slave Lakes (Threelobed)
7. Sixes, Cursed Beast (enterruption)
8. Jonas Braasch, Global Reflections (Deep Listening)
9. Phantom Limb & Tetuzi Akiyama, Hot Ginger (Archive)
Recorded June, 2006 at free103point9 Project Space in Brooklyn.
10. Pauline Oliveros, Lion's Eye/Lion's Tale (Deep Listening)
11. mirror/dash, "i can't be bought" (Threelobed)
12. FFFFs, I Can Hear Summer Coming (Sockets)
13. Gratkowski + Fox + Menestres + Davis, ORM (Umbrella Recordings)
14. Compiled by TJ Norris, triMIX: TribrydInstallation Soundtracks Deconstructed (Innova)
With Scanner, Beequeen, Humectant Interruption, M. Behrens, Asmus Tietchens, Nobukazu Takemura, Illusion of Safety, and others.
15. Vertonen, Stations (CIP)
16. Drop the Lime, Sky City Rising (Broklyn Beats)
17. Kotra & Zavoloka, Wag the Swing (
18. Various artists, Less Self is More Self: A Benefit for Tarantula Hill (Ecstatic Peace)
Includes LoVid, Chris Corsano, Burning Star Core, Lee Renaldo, Talibam!, Maria Chavez, Mark Morgan, To Live and Shave in L.A., Mouthus, Nautical Almanac + Leslie Keffer, and others.
19. Viki, compilation (Animal Disguise)
20. Edmund Mooney, Happy Trails (self)
21. Caustic Castle, Caustic Castle mini-CD (804noise)
22. The Caution Curves, a little hungry (Sockets)
23. North Guinea Hills, North Guinea Hills et. al. (self)
With Patrick McCarthy, Michael Garafalo, Laura Harrison, Sean Smith, and others.
24. Meri von Kleinsmid, Ex Vivo (Mimeograph)
25. Others, What About My Baby Kitty? (set projects)
26. Anna Friz, Vacant City Radio (self)
27. Jesse Zubot, Dimensia (Drip Audio)
28. Various artists, The Art of the Virtual Rhythmicon (Innova)
With Jeff Feddersen, Matthew Burtner, Janek Schaefer, Annie Gosfield, and others.
29. Tor Lundvall, Empty City (Strange Fortune)
30. Layne Garrett, The Lost Spaces Reconstructed (sockets)
31. Francois Houle, Aerials (Drip Audio)
32. carsick, carsick (Drip Audio)
33. Fond of Tigers, A Thing to Live With (Drip Audio)
34. ZZ Pot & Dr. Ninja, ZZ Pot & Dr. Ninja (
35. Todd Merrell, Neptune (Dreamland Recordings)
36. Giancarlo Bracchi, Universal Soul Adaptor (self)
37. DJ Slip, She's a Time Traveller (Broklyn Beats)
38. ben owen, radio in (Winds Measure Recordings)
39. Leafy Green, songs (Lattajjaa)
40. Dave Burrell, Momentum (High Two)


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