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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Mexican forces attack Radio Planton

Forwarded from Stephen Dunifer

Rough translation: "The day of today 14 of June of 2006 has perpetrated in Mexico one of the more aberrant manifestations of the army of the can of whom is govern.

Being the 3:40 hours (hour hand of the resistance) consummated an act more than repression against the social movement in Oaxaca, the early morning of today the |policiacos| body of this state left in a brutal way and violent to school mistresses and teachers that were found from the past May 22 in shoot in the of the capital socle of this city. Also it left to whom it finds |ininterumpidamente| |trasnmitiendo| the situation of our magisterial movement from the installations of radiate shoot 92.1 F.M. hitting to the companions and wasting the equipment with which operates upon this broadcasting that from making a year to played an important paper in the diffusion of the clear information and shows through on which happens in Oaxaca and in our country.

This act is an evidence more than the repression that the governing Ulises Ruiz Ortiz has orchestrated against whom do not coincide with a politics that violates the human fees of whom begins to speak to denounce the social injustice and the martial law in which warrens in Oaxaca.

For this reason, it puts in charge to the Oaxaca governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, and to all thoses that it result responsible for any act that attempts a crime against against the social security of our companions and companions, as well as of whom beens supported this movement that is not single of the teaching, but of all and all those who does not think kneeling life below the fascist regime of Ruiz Ortiz and his officials."


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