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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Iraqi public radio available on the web

from Media Network weblog

Dave Kernick writes: The main radio service of the Iraqi Media Network (IMN), Republic of Iraq Radio, is now available on a live audio stream from the organization's website at

The website is available in Arabic, English and Kurdish. The audio stream is accessed via a large pink button on the Arabic and English home pages - these pages and the Kurdish home page also have "Online Streaming" links to two IMN radio and three IMN television audio/video streams, but these links are currently inactive.

The Iraqi Media Network is a public broadcaster set up by the Coalition authorities in the wake of the 2003 Iraq war. Operating nationwide, it runs two radio networks (Republic of Iraq Radio, Holy Koran Radio), three national TV channels (Al-Iraqiyah 1, Al-Iraqiyah 2, Al-Iraqiyah Sports), and the "Al-Sabaah" newspaper.


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